Speed Reducers with Low RPM EP-PAB042-L1 Series Backlash Less Than 5arcmin


Experience the sheer power and efficiency of the EP-PAB042-L1 series speed reducers, designed with high precision planetary gearboxes and a backlash of less than 5arcmin. With a 12-month warranty and weighing just 0.5 KG, they’re the perfect fit for any manufacturing plant. Their gearing arrangement is planetary, offering an output torque of 12-21N.M and an input speed of 4000-6000RPM. The output speed ranges from 20-1677RPM.

The servo motor planetary geared box is available in a golden+blue color scheme, boasting high precision. Suitable for servo motors and stepper motors, it has a backlash of 3-10arcmin. With an efficiency of 95%, IP65 protection class, and a noise level of dB62, these speed reducers are top-tier. The weight varies between 0.6-65KG, and what’s included is a double stage planetary geared box. The packaging details are a carton measuring 44*31*29cm, and the port of dispatch is Hangzhou.

Functionality and Mechanism of Planetary Gearbox

Planetary gearboxes are named after their resemblance to the solar system. The central gear, known as the sun gear, is orbited by planet gears which rotate on their own axes while revolving around the sun gear. This multi-gear system allows for high torque transmission, high efficiency, and compact size. The EP-PAB042-L1 series takes this mechanism to new heights, offering low backlash and high input speeds.

Key Features and Specifications

The EP-PAB042-L1 series provides an output torque of 12-21N.M, an impressive range for its size. With an input speed of 4000-6000RPM and an output speed of 20-1677RPM, it provides a wide speed range for various applications. Despite its power, it maintains a low weight of just 0.5 KG, making it easy to integrate into any system.

Applications and Usability

Used in manufacturing plants, the EP-PAB042-L1 series is ideal for servo motors and stepper motors. Its high efficiency and precision make it suitable for automation, robotics, automotive, and aerospace industries, enhancing machinery performance in these sectors.

plantary gearbox

Material and Build Quality

These speed reducers are built for durability and reliability, featuring an IP65 protection class and a noise level of dB62. The high-quality materials and build ensure a long lifespan, even under heavy use.

Customization Options

The EP-PAB042-L1 series provides a variety of output types to suit a wide range of drive solutions. With options for solid output shafts with no keyway, output shafts with keyways, and hole outputs, it offers extensive customization options.

Maintenance and Longevity

With a 12-month warranty and lifetime lubrication, the EP-PAB042-L1 series offers peace of mind and long-term value. Its sealed design and any mounting direction provide smooth operation and easy maintenance.

Introducing HZPT Products

As a leading manufacturer of high-quality gearboxes, HZPT offers a range of products to meet your needs. The EP-PAB042-L1 series is just one example of our commitment to delivering the best in gearbox technology. With our products, you can count on high performance, durability, and superb customer service. Don’t wait – explore our product range today and take your operations to the next level.

Question 1: What is the output torque of the EP-PAB042-L1 series?

Answer: The EP-PAB042-L1 series provides an output torque of 12-21N.M.

Question 2: What industries can the EP-PAB042-L1 series be used in?

Answer: It can be used in various industries including automation, robotics, automotive, and aerospace.

Question 3: What are the customization options for the EP-PAB042-L1 series?

Answer: It offers a variety of output types, including solid output shafts with no keyway, output shafts with keyways, and hole outputs.