Low backlash Hollow rotating platform Rotary Actuators EP-ZK series EP-ZK275 with ratio 30:1


The EP-ZK series EP-ZK275 with a 30:1 ratio is a low backlash, hollow rotating platform rotary actuator, applicable in a plethora of industries. From hotels, garment shops, building material shops, manufacturing plants, machinery repair shops, food & beverage factories, retail, food shops, printing shops, construction works, energy & mining, food & beverage shops, to advertising companies, this rotary actuator is versatile. It has a planetary gearing arrangement with an output torque of 5-80Nm and an input speed of 3000rpm. The output speed is determined by the ratio. The packaging details are a carton of 43*25*24cm and the port of dispatch is Hangzhou, China.

Functionality and Mechanism of Planetary Gearbox

A planetary gearbox operates on a simple principle: A central sun gear rotates and drives the planet gears set in a circular path within a ring gear. This unique mechanism makes the planetary gearbox efficient and compact, ideal for high torque applications. The precise gear alignment allows for smooth transmission of power and reduces the risk of backlash—a sudden jolt due to a gap in the gear meshing.

Key Features and Specifications

The EP-ZK series EP-ZK275 stands out for its high torque transmission capacity of 5-80Nm and a high input speed of 3000rpm. The compact size and lightweight design make it versatile for various applications. The planetary gearbox ensures a wide gear ratio and speed range, catering to different operational needs. Its excellent load capacity makes it robust and durable.

plantary gearbox

Applications and Usability

Planetary gearboxes, especially the EP-ZK series, find their use in multiple sectors such as automation, robotics, automotive, and aerospace. The efficiency and compactness of these gearboxes enhance machinery performance, making operations smooth and reducing downtime. For example, in automation, these gearboxes are used to control mechanical movements precisely.

Material and Build Quality

The EP-ZK series EP-ZK275 is built with high-grade materials that ensure durability and reliability. The build quality is superior, ensuring that the product can withstand heavy loads and high-speed operations.

Customization Options

For specific customer requirements, the EP-ZK series offers customization options. This could range from different gear ratios to varying sizes that suit different applications.

Maintenance and Longevity

The EP-ZK series requires minimal maintenance and promises a long lifespan. The service needs are straightforward, and the expected lifespan signifies the long-term value of the product.

Introducing HZPT Products

HZPT offers a wide range of mechanical components, including the EP-ZK series EP-ZK275. The company ensures high quality, efficiency, and durability of its products. It also provides excellent customer service and customization options. We encourage you to explore our products and make a purchase to experience the superior performance and quality of HZPT products.


Q1: What is the torque transmission capacity of the EP-ZK series EP-ZK275?

A1: The EP-ZK series EP-ZK275 has a high torque transmission capacity of 5-80Nm.

Q2: What are the customization options available with the EP-ZK series?

A2: The EP-ZK series offers customization in terms of different gear ratios and sizes to suit different applications.

Q3: What is the expected lifespan of the EP-ZK series EP-ZK275?

A3: The EP-ZK series EP-ZK275 promises a long lifespan, signifying the long-term value of the product.