High Quality Ratio 1:3-1:100 Planetary Gear Reductor Used for Servo Stepper Motor


For industries such as manufacturing plants, one of the most crucial components is the Planetary Gear Reductor. This product is especially designed for Servo Motors, Stepper motors, and DC motors, ensuring maximum efficiency and reliability. With a maximum output torque of 5040 N.M and an input speed of 2000-3500RPM, this gear reductor is capable of delivering impressive performance. It also offers a high precision and a backlash of 3-10arcmin. The gear reductor is available in a customizable color and has a protection class of IP65. The noise level is maintained at dB62, ensuring a quiet operation. Weighing between 0.6-65KG, it offers a ratio of 1:3-1:100. In addition, the gear reductor is packaged in a standard exporting carton for samples or small quantities, and in a seaworthy wooden case for large quantities. The port of dispatch is Hangzhou.

Functionality and Mechanism of Planetary Gearbox

Planetary gearboxes, also known as epicyclic gearboxes, are named so due to their resemblance to the solar system. The central gear, known as the sun gear, is orbited by planetary gears (hence the name), which are enclosed within a ring gear. The unique mechanism of this system allows for high torque transmission, high efficiency, and compactness compared to other types of gearboxes. The rotational motion and torque from the input shaft are transferred to the output shaft through the interaction of the sun, planet, and ring gears, providing a wide range of gear ratios in a small package.

Key Features and Specifications

plantary gearbox

The Planetary Gear Reductor boasts high output torque, maxing at 5040 N.M, and a wide speed range, with an input speed of 2000-3500RPM and output speed of 20-1677RPM. It offers high precision, with a backlash of only 3-10arcmin, and a high efficiency of 95%. Weighing between 0.6-65KG, it can be easily integrated into systems without adding significant weight. Its high gear ratio of 1:3-1:100 and load capacity make it suitable for a range of heavy-duty applications.

Applications and Usability

Planetary gearboxes are widely used in various industries, including automation, robotics, automotive, and aerospace. They are preferred for their high load capacity, compactness, and efficiency. In automation and robotics, they enable precise movements and high torque for heavy loads. In the automotive industry, they are found in transmissions, while in aerospace, they are used in engine systems and satellite antenna positioning.

Material and Build Quality

The Planetary Gear Reductor is made with high-quality materials, ensuring its durability and reliability. Its protection class of IP65 ensures it can withstand harsh conditions. The surface of the gear box is treated with Nickel Electroless, and the connecting plate is treated with black anodizing, improving the tolerance and anti-corrosion ability.

Customization Options

Customization options are available for the gear reductor, allowing for specific customer requirements to be met. This includes the color of the gear reductor, which can be customized according to the customer’s preferences.

Maintenance and Longevity

The Planetary Gear Reductor is designed for lifetime lubrication, reducing maintenance needs and ensuring a long lifespan. Its high build quality and material selection contribute to its longevity and durability, providing customers with long-term value.

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Q1: What is the maximum output torque of the Planetary Gear Reductor?

A1: The maximum output torque of the Planetary Gear Reductor is 5040 N.M.

Q2: What are the input and output speeds of the Planetary Gear Reductor?

A2: The input speed of the Planetary Gear Reductor is 2000-3500RPM, while the output speed is 20-1677RPM.

Q3: What is the weight range of the Planetary Gear Reductor?

A3: The Planetary Gear Reductor weighs between 0.6-65KG.