EP-TQG VRT Series High Quality Planetary Gearbox Reducer High Speed Nema 34 Planetary Gearbox


The EP-TQG VRT Series offers high-quality Planetary Gearbox Reducers boasting high speed and compatibility with Nema 34. These gearboxes are applicable to many industries such as Garment Shops, Building Material Shops, Manufacturing Plants, Machinery Repair Shops, Food & Beverage Factories, Retail, Food Shops, Printing Shops, Construction works, Energy & Mining, Food & Beverage Shops, and Indexing Table Drive. They are blue with gold and can be mounted in any direction. The product comes with a 1-year warranty and a gear ratio of 1:3~1:100. It has an output form of flange output and offers customized services. The product is packed in a carton or wooden box and has received CE certification. It has a helical gear style and its port is in Hangzhou.

Functionality and Mechanism of Planetary Gearbox

Planetary gearboxes, often referred to as epicyclic gearboxes, function through a system of gears that rotate around a central, or ‘sun’ gear. This unique mechanism sets them apart from other types of gearboxes. The central sun gear interacts with planetary gears, which are in turn encompassed by a ring gear. This unique setup allows for high torque transmission, compact size, and high efficiency.

Key Features and Specifications

The EP-TQG VRT Series Planetary Gearbox Reducers are characterized by their high torque transmission capacity of 14-2000Nm and their input and output speeds, which are based on motor speed and ratio respectively. They weigh 6.5 KG, making them relatively lightweight for their power. These gearboxes also offer a wide gear ratio of 1:3~1:100, providing flexibility for various applications.

Applications and Usability

Due to their high torque, compact size, and broad speed range, these gearboxes are used in a variety of industries. From garment and food shops to construction and energy mining, these gearboxes enhance the performance of machinery by providing variability in speed and high torque capabilities.

Material and Build Quality

The EP-TQG VRT Series Planetary Gearbox Reducers are built to last, boasting a robust helical gear style and a sturdy build that allows mounting in any direction. The blue and gold color scheme also adds a touch of professionalism and aesthetic appeal to any machinery setup.

Customization Options

These gearboxes offer various customization options. They are compatible with any brands of servo motors, stepper motors, and brushless DC motors, providing customers with flexibility for their specific needs.

Maintenance and Longevity

These gearboxes are designed for long-term use, with a lifespan of 22000 hours. They also require minimal maintenance due to their robust build and high-quality materials, ensuring a valuable long-term investment for customers.

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1. What is the torque transmission capacity of the EP-TQG VRT Series Planetary Gearbox?

The torque transmission capacity ranges from 14 to 2000Nm.

plantary gearbox
2. Can these gearboxes be customized according to my needs?

Yes, the gearboxes offer various customization options to cater to your specific needs.

3. What is the expected lifespan of these gearboxes?

These gearboxes are designed for long-term use, with a lifespan of 22000 hours.