90 Degree Gearbox for Pipe Bending Machine Application EP-ZR60 Body with a Compact Structure


Functionality and Mechanism of Planetary Gearbox

Planetary gearboxes are a type of gearbox which offer high torque transmission, precision, and stiffness, thanks to their unique mechanism. The gearbox consists of three main components: the sun gear, planet gears, and the ring gear. The sun gear is the central gear around which the planet gears (mounted on a carrier) revolve. The ring gear encloses these components. The input power source drives the sun gear, which in turn drives the planet gears. The output is taken from the carrier. This arrangement allows the load to be shared among multiple planet gears, resulting in high torque output and efficiency.

Key Features and Specifications

The 90-degree gearbox for pipe bending machine application boasts a compact structure and weighs only 1.2 kg. Its output torque ranges from 4.5 to 45 N.m, with an input speed of 2500rpm. The output speed is dependent on the gear ratio, which varies from 2 to 20. The gearbox also guarantees a service life of 20000 hours and features a rotating backlash of less than 10 seconds.

Applications and Usability

The planetary gearbox is versatile and finds applications in various industries including manufacturing plants, food & beverage factories, energy & mining, and more. Its compact structure and small volume make it ideal for applications where space is a constraint. It can be used in automation, robotics, automotive, aerospace, and other sectors to enhance machinery performance.

Material and Build Quality

The 90-degree gearbox is built with quality materials to ensure durability and reliability. It is designed to withstand strenuous conditions in manufacturing plants and other industrial setups. The gearbox is backed by a 12-month warranty, reaffirming its build quality and reliability.

Customization Options

The gearbox comes with customization support for OEM, ODM, and OBM. This allows customers to modify the product according to their specific needs or application requirements.

Maintenance and Longevity

With a service life of 20000 hours, the gearbox promises long-term value. It requires minimal maintenance, making it a cost-effective solution for various applications.

About HZPT Products

HZPT is known for its range of high-quality gearboxes including the EP-ZR series right angle gearbox reducer. This 90-degree gearbox is a kind of compact steering gearbox with a ratio of 1:2 and 1:3. It can be connected with a straight-line planetary gearbox to achieve various gear ratios. The product features a compact body, high accuracy, and low noise rotation, making it a preferred choice for various industries. We invite you to explore our range of products and make an informed purchase decision.

Questions & Answers

1. Q: What is the weight of the 90-degree gearbox?

A: The 90-degree gearbox weighs 1.2 kg.

plantary gearbox

2. Q: What is the service life of the gearbox?

A: The service life of the gearbox is 20000 hours.

3. Q: What are the customization options available for the gearbox?

A: The gearbox comes with customization support for OEM, ODM, and OBM.