China factory Retro Metal Casting Furniture Garden Accessories CHINAMFG Die Casting Craft vacuum pump ac system

Product Description

QUALITY is our culture.
RICH EXPERIENCE 20 years experience of One-stop Manufacturing Solutions from mold Designing (Free DFM)-making to mass production.
COST CONTROL Optimize cost maximizely from the aspects of materials buying,production,processing and transportation,etc.
QUALITY CONTROL Following ISO9001 and IATF16949 Standards/Full inspected before package.
STRONG EXECUTIVE POWER Quotation in 24 HOURS/Quick response/Fast delivery.


Product Description


Type of Business

Product Name  Retro Metal Casting Furniture Garden Accessories CHINAMFG Die Casting Craft
Materials Aluminium Alloy( ADC12, A380,A360, etc )
Product Technology Aluminum Die Casting (Extrusion and cold forging also available)
Size&Color According to customer’s drawing
Processing Flow Die Casting–Degating–Polishing–CNC machining–Drilling–Tapping–Chamfering–Deburring–Inspecting–Surface Treatment–Inspecting–Packing
Surface Treatment Polishing, anodizing, powder coating, passivating, painting, plating, sand blasting, e-coating for surface; Laser carving, screen printing, pad printing for logo and others as your requested
Testing Equipment Calipers / 2.5 measuring instrument / CMM / Height gauge / Go-no go gauge / Roughness measurement / RoHs testing / Salt Spray testing machine etc.
Tolerance +/-0.05mm~ +/-0.2mm

Drawing Format

2D(DXF, DWG,CAD), 3D(IGS, STEP, SLD, X_T) etc.
Application New Energy Industries, Consumer Industries; Lighting Industries & LED Heat sink, 5G heat sinks, Auto motorcycle & bicycle parts, Medical equipment industries and other all kinds of electronics products


Detailed Photos

This is an aluminum high pressure die casting heat sink enclosure. The material is ADC12. 

We mainly provide OEM service according to customers’ drawing. But if you don’t need customization, we also have some exist tooling for your reference.

This die casting part is without polishing. Regarding surface treatment, we can anodized many colors, powder coating, anodizing, plating and so on, can be customized according to your requirement.

Oher die casting product:

Cold forging heat sink product

Extrusion heat sink product

Our Main Product:
extrusion heat sink and enclosure

Cold forging heat sink

Die casting heat sink and housing


Company Profile

HangZhou Ruiquan CHINAMFG CHINAMFG Co., Ltd is a ODM&OEM manufacturer of copper /aluminum /zinc products specializing in providing high-quality heat conduction, mainly producing aluminum extrusion/die casting heatsink/cold forging heatsinks and parts, heat dissipation modules and various CNC processing products.

Since it’s established in 2003, the company has adhered to the service tenet of “Meeting customers’ needs, continuing innovation, reducing heat energy, reducing thermal resistance, improving product quality, and extending product life”, and has been recognized by customers in IT, NEV, Communications, LED lamps, Industrial electronics and other industries.

Our Soul: Environmental protection, energy saving, heat dissipation.
Our Mission: Serve the society.

Program: Optimization and Innovation
1. Optimize low-end products&take the route of MID-to-high-end products.
2. Continuously develop new products, reform and innovate.

Appeal: To meet customer needs and achieve common development.


Customer Visit


Packaging & Shipping



Q1. Are you a factory or trade company?

We are 100% direct factory. Ruiquan have 3 factories, the headquarters is located in HangZhou city, ZheJiang province. Welcome to visit our factory.

Q2. What kind of production service do you provide?
All kinds of heat sink including aluminum extrusion heat sink, cold forging heat sink, precision mold making, aluminum/zinc die casting parts, heat pipe and cooling fans.


Q3.What if I want existing model?

We have tens of thousands of existing model to provide customers, and detail description with drawings. If there are no identical products, we will recommend similar products for you.

Q4. How about the lead time?
Mold and sample: 3-5 weeks
Mass production: 2-4 weeks

Depends on processing and quantity. We can make a special arrangement if your order is urgent.

Q5. How about your quality?
♦We have got ISO9001:2015 and IATF16949 certificates.
♦Make the operation instruction once the sample is approved.
♦100% inspect the products before shipment.
♦We are apple’s supplier and they are satified with us.

Q6. How long should we take for a quotation?
After receiving detailed information(your 2D/3D/CAD drawings or samples,Material, Finish, and Quantity), we will quote you within 2 days.

Q7. What is your payment term?
Mold: 50%-100%prepaid.
Goods: 30% prepaid, balance T/T before shipment.

Q8. How soon can I get samples and how much the fee?
Depending on your specific project, it usually takes 15 to 25 days. the fee depends on the product drawing, and the fee will be returned to your bulk order.

Q9. How to enjoy the OEM services?
Usually, base on your design drawings or original samples, we give some technical proposals and a quotation to you, after your agreement, we produce for you.

Q10.Will my drawing safe after you get it?
Yes, we can CHINAMFG the NDA before got your drawing.

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Die Casting Machine Type: Cold Chamber Die Casting Machine
Die Casting Method: Precision Die Casting
Application: Electronic Accessories
US$ 0/Piece
1 Piece(Min.Order)


Order Sample

please contact us for more details


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Shipping Cost:

Estimated freight per unit.

about shipping cost and estimated delivery time.
Payment Method:


Initial Payment

Full Payment
Currency: US$
Return&refunds: You can apply for a refund up to 30 days after receipt of the products.

oudoor furniture

How can I arrange my garden furniture for comfortable outdoor gatherings?

To create a comfortable and inviting outdoor gathering space, the arrangement of your garden furniture plays a crucial role. Here are some tips to help you arrange your garden furniture for comfortable outdoor gatherings:

1. Determine the Focal Point:

Identify a focal point in your outdoor space, such as a fireplace, a garden feature, or a scenic view. Arrange your furniture to face this focal point, creating a visually appealing and functional layout.

2. Consider the Function:

Think about the purpose of your outdoor gatherings. Do you plan to have meals, conversations, or both? Consider the activities you intend to host and arrange the furniture accordingly. For dining-focused gatherings, position a dining table and chairs in a central location. For more conversational gatherings, create cozy seating arrangements with sofas, chairs, and coffee tables.

3. Create Conversation Areas:

Arrange your furniture to facilitate conversation and interaction among your guests. Place seating pieces facing each other, forming intimate conversation areas. Ensure there is enough space for easy movement and flow between the different seating arrangements.

4. Provide Ample Seating:

Ensure you have enough seating to accommodate your guests comfortably. Mix and match seating options such as chairs, benches, and outdoor sofas to offer variety and cater to different preferences. Consider adding cushions and pillows for extra comfort.

5. Provide Shade:

If your outdoor space is exposed to direct sunlight, consider providing shade to keep your guests comfortable. You can use umbrellas, pergolas, or shade sails to create shaded areas where people can gather without being exposed to excessive sunlight.

6. Arrange for Easy Access:

Arrange your furniture in a way that allows easy access to all areas. Ensure there are clear pathways and sufficient space for guests to move around comfortably. Avoid placing furniture in narrow or congested areas that may hinder movement.

7. Add Outdoor Accessories:

Enhance the comfort and ambiance of your outdoor gathering space by incorporating outdoor accessories. Consider adding outdoor rugs, side tables, decorative lighting, and potted plants to create a welcoming and cozy atmosphere.

8. Consider Weather Protection:

Depending on your climate, consider incorporating weather protection elements into your furniture arrangement. This can include adding a pergola, awning, or outdoor curtains to shield your guests from rain or strong winds.

9. Test the Layout:

Before finalizing the arrangement, physically test the layout by sitting in different seats and assessing the comfort and functionality. Make any necessary adjustments to ensure that the seating positions, table heights, and overall flow work well for your outdoor gatherings.

By considering the function, comfort, and aesthetics of your outdoor space, you can arrange your garden furniture in a way that promotes comfortable and enjoyable outdoor gatherings. Experiment with different layouts and configurations to find the arrangement that best suits your needs and creates a welcoming environment for your guests.

oudoor furniture

How do I prevent garden furniture from sinking into soft ground or soil?

If you have garden furniture that tends to sink into soft ground or soil, there are several methods you can use to prevent this from happening. Here are some effective ways to keep your garden furniture stable on soft ground:

1. Use Furniture Foot Pads:

One simple solution is to attach foot pads or glides to the bottom of the furniture legs. These pads distribute the weight over a larger surface area, reducing the likelihood of sinking. There are various types of foot pads available, including rubber, plastic, or metal options. Make sure to choose foot pads that are suitable for outdoor use and can withstand moisture and uneven terrain.

2. Install Furniture Leg Bases:

Another option is to install leg bases or platforms underneath the furniture legs. These bases provide a wider surface area for the legs to rest on, reducing the risk of sinking. Leg bases can be made from materials such as plastic, wood, or metal. Ensure that the bases are securely attached to the furniture legs to provide stability.

3. Use Furniture Anchors:

Furniture anchors are devices designed to secure outdoor furniture to the ground. They are particularly useful for larger or heavier furniture pieces. Anchors typically consist of stakes or screws that are driven into the ground and attached to the furniture frame or legs using straps or cables. These anchors help prevent furniture from tipping over or sinking into soft ground.

4. Place a Solid Base:

If you have a specific area in your garden where you frequently place your furniture, consider creating a solid base for it. This can be done by installing a patio or deck made from materials like concrete, stone, or wood. A solid base provides a stable and level surface for your furniture, preventing sinking or tilting. Additionally, it offers a defined seating area and enhances the overall aesthetics of your outdoor space.

5. Use Furniture Pavers or Tiles:

Another option is to place furniture pavers or tiles underneath the furniture legs. These flat and stable surfaces help distribute the weight and prevent sinking. Pavers or tiles made from materials like concrete, stone, or rubber can be placed directly on the ground or on a layer of gravel or sand for added stability.

6. Regularly Inspect and Adjust:

It’s important to regularly inspect your garden furniture and adjust its position as needed. Over time, the ground may shift or become softer due to weather conditions. By monitoring the stability of your furniture and making necessary adjustments, you can prevent sinking and ensure its longevity.

Implementing these preventive measures will help keep your garden furniture stable and secure, even on soft ground or soil. Choose the method that best suits your furniture and the specific conditions of your outdoor space.

oudoor furniture

How do I clean and maintain my garden furniture to keep it looking new?

To keep your garden furniture looking new and well-maintained, regular cleaning and proper maintenance are essential. Here are some steps you can follow to clean and maintain your garden furniture:

1. Read the Manufacturer’s Instructions:

Before cleaning your garden furniture, refer to the manufacturer’s instructions and guidelines. Different materials and finishes may require specific cleaning methods or products. Adhering to the manufacturer’s recommendations ensures that you don’t accidentally damage the furniture.

2. Remove Debris:

Start by removing any loose dirt, leaves, or debris from your furniture. Use a soft brush or a cloth to gently sweep away the debris. Pay attention to crevices and corners where dirt may accumulate.

3. Clean with Mild Soap and Water:

For most types of garden furniture, a solution of mild soap and water is sufficient for cleaning. Mix a small amount of mild dish soap or a gentle outdoor furniture cleaner with water. Use a sponge or a soft cloth to clean the surfaces of the furniture, including the frames, tabletops, and seating areas. Rinse thoroughly with clean water afterward.

4. Address Stains Promptly:

If you notice any stains on your furniture, address them promptly. Blot liquid stains with a clean cloth and mild soap solution. For tougher stains, you may need to use a specialized cleaner recommended for the specific material of your furniture. Follow the instructions on the cleaner and test it on a small, inconspicuous area before applying it to the entire surface.

5. Treat Wooden Furniture:

If you have wooden garden furniture, additional care is required. Regularly inspect the wood for signs of cracking, peeling, or discoloration. If necessary, sand the surface lightly and apply a protective finish or outdoor furniture oil to maintain its appearance and protect it from moisture.

6. Maintain Metal Furniture:

Metal garden furniture may require occasional maintenance to prevent rust or corrosion. Check for any signs of rust and remove it using a wire brush or sandpaper. Apply a rust-resistant paint or a protective spray to any exposed metal surfaces.

7. Store or Cover:

When not in use, consider storing your garden furniture indoors or covering it with weatherproof furniture covers. This protects the furniture from the elements and extends its lifespan. Ensure that the furniture is clean and dry before covering or storing it to prevent the growth of mold or mildew.

8. Regularly Inspect and Repair:

Periodically inspect your garden furniture for any signs of wear, loose screws, or damaged parts. Tighten any loose screws or bolts and make necessary repairs promptly to prevent further damage.

By following these cleaning and maintenance practices, you can keep your garden furniture looking new and prolong its lifespan. Regular care and attention will help preserve its appearance and functionality for years to come.

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